That Smile
Words and Music: Paul Hlebcar
Copyright 2003 Paul Hlebcar.  All rights reserved


So I read again about that smile
The one so soft and yet so strong
The camera seems to love your wayward style
To them you can do no wrong

You're walkin' down a road I never knew
You're in a world I'll never know
But when those eyes they start to shoot right through
The glossy page it simply shows

That you still care
I'm quite aware
I see it there, inside

You're in a jungle now I understand
Life in that old unreal to reel
Just realize you will continue as
They say take two, please, bring up that feel

And I'll be here within this empty room
Not realizing that it's filled
With everything I need to ride this boom
Just livin' off the thoughts I've killed

Yet I still care
I'm quite aware
I feel it there, inside

So tell me once again about that smile
I knew I didn't get it wrong
I know it'll never go out of style
It's like some sweet melodic song

Yeah everybody knows that song...