Words and Music: Paul Hlebcar
Copyright 2003 Paul Hlebcar.  All rights reserved


So here I sit, a bit confused
Is there something I should say
Like mistakes were made, or how we both refused
To stop those bits and pieces from fallin' away
So clean the mess up, and start anew
Careful how we begin
The brave new world can be the same old song
But we're gonna sing


Now I confess, it never felt this way
The many times I've been alone
Is it really that much easier
When the choices are not your own
So point your finger now, I'll take the blame
Break your vow it's just the same
But broken promises are not the way to carry on
Still we carry on 
(now that it's over)

So here I sit, still confused
To myself I have said
Love's the victim now, once again abused
So pick the pieces up again... and again... and again
Now that it's over